• [Batman: One Bad Day: Ra's Al Ghul: One-Shot #1 (Cover A Ivan Reis & Danny Miki) (Product Image)]
  • Batman: One Bad Day: Ra's Al Ghul: One-Shot #1 (Cover A Ivan Reis & Danny Miki)

    From: Batman: One Bad Day: Ra's Al Ghul
    Universe: DC
    Author: Tom Taylor
    Artists: Ivan Reis, and Danny Miki
    Published by: DC Comics

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Product Description

WHY WON’T BATMAN SAVE THE WORLD?! For centuries Ra’s al Ghul has wanted to save the Earth from the worst of humankind, and for centuries he has failed.

Recently his greatest obstacle has been the Dark Knight Detective, Batman. Ra’s offered Batman a chance to be a part of his new world order, but Batman refused.

For years their cold war has raged, but Ra’s will have no more. Ra’s will remove Batman from the equation and save the world, re-creating it in his image and bringing the peace and prosperity all the good-hearted souls of this Earth deserve.

Don’t miss this epic tragedy from the all-star creative team of Tom Taylor (Nightwing, Superman: Son of Kal-El, DCeased) and Ivan Reis (Detective Comics, Blackest Night): the last of the One Bad Day specials, and one of the most epic to date.

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