• [Rogue State #1 (2nd Printing Cover A Darnell) (Product Image)]
  • Rogue State #1 (2nd Printing Cover A Darnell)

    From: Rogue State
    Universe: black mas
    Author: Matteo Pizzolo
    Artist: Carlos Granda
    Published by: Black Mask Comics

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Product Description

What if a contested Presidential election plunged America into turmoil? What if political violence consumed the streets?

And what if a raging Supreme Court, in a strict interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, legitimised and deputised all militias, transforming the entire country into a paramilitary police state?

What if a freedom fighter emerged from the chaos, raised a civilian army, and carved out a territory across the United States? Pushing out police, militias, and National Guard enforcing its own laws Sovereign. What if Americans refused to be governed?

In this speculative fiction comic book series ripped from tomorrow’s headlines, a mysterious figure named Vya Of Brightstars will rise from the crisis, but is she a freedom fighter or a terrorist? Either way, her rogue state will not just blaze a path across America, it will also inspire others to raise their own armies… some in solidarity, others in opposition.

‘ROGUE STATE… is a genre known as ‘speculative fiction.’ Except that it doesn’t seem as speculative anymore.’ (-The San Francisco Chronicle) From writer Matteo Pizzolo (CALEXIT, GODKILLER) and artist Carlos Granda (PIROUETTE, CALEXIT: SAN DIEGO), comes this tale of rebelling against tyranny, reconquering stolen land, punching fascists in the face, and building a better nation.


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