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Product Description

How Am I Weird is a simple, fun party game to play with family and friends, in a group of 3 - 10. There are LIFE cards, COMEBACK cards and blank WEIRDO cards.

LIFE cards present situations, sometimes awkward or embarrassing, sometimes annoying or familiar.

COMEBACK cards present responses that are weird and wonderful. One person is nominated the Big Weird Chief, and the rest of the players each take 8 COMEBACK cards and one blank WEIRDO card.

The Big Weird Chief reads a LIFE card. Each player chooses the weirdest and funniest COMEBACK response, or comes up with their own answer using their WEIRDO card!

The person who gives the weirdest and funniest answer wins that round. At the end of the game, the player who has won the most rounds wins the game, and becomes ruler of the universe. Then you should WEAR THE CROWN!

Players: 3–10

Playtime: 10–60 Mins

Ages: 14+

Product Specifications

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