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Before I Wake

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Product Description

  • Author
    Kathryn Smith  
    Cat No.
    Paranormal Romance  
    Harper Collins Publishers  
  • Dawn is a Nightmare. The daughter of the god of Dreams and a mortal, she is the only one of her kind who can exist both in the dream realm and in “real” life. When mortals are threatened, Dawn knows she is the only one standing between them and the Terror determined to destroy everything she loves. But how can she track down something that only exists in the dream realm? And what does this mean for her blossoming reltionship with Noah Clarke? Noah is a rare mortal - able to bend his dreams to his own will. Recognizing that the evil tracking him in his sleep is beyond his ability, Noah turns to the one person who can help…Dawn. Together, they travel between dreams and real life, fighting for the right to control their lives…and for the chance at a love more powerful than any.

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