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  • Dungeon Dressings: Miniatures: Simple Traps

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Product Description

The highly anticipated WizKids Dungeon Dressings: Simple Traps set from WizKids is finally available for release! Build the dungeon of your dreams with WizKids Dungeon Dressings: Simple Traps!

From Rolling Spheres to Spike Pits and flesh liquifying Acid Pits, these implements of surprise injury offer only the finest of adventurer maiming for all your ruthless needs. Design your deadliest dungeon with WizKids Dungeon Dressings: Simple Traps. Where will your campaign lead you?

Key Features:


Extraordinary Definition

Expansive Variety of Items to Add to Your Scenes

Fantastic Value FLGS Release (No KickStarter)

Works with Existing WizKids Products

This Set Includes:

2x - Treasure Chest

1x - Poison Needle Chest Trap

1x - Scything Blade Chest Trap

1x - Magic Cloud Chest Trap

1x - Poison Gas Chest Trap

2x - Urn Flamethrower Statue

1x - Rolling Sphere

2x - Bear Trap

2x - Rotating Blade Trap

2x - Saw Blade Trap

2x - Scythe Blade Trap

1x - Falling Block Trap

2x - Foot Spike Trap

1x - Spike Pit Trap

1x - Acid Pit Trap

3x - Rune Trap

Product Specifications

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