• [X-Men Epic Collection: Legacies (Product Image)]
  • X-Men Epic Collection: Legacies

    Universe: Marvel
    Author: Scott Lobdell
    Artists: Andy Kubert, and 3 more
    Published by: Marvel Comics

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Product Description

Magneto and Stryfe cast a long shadow over mutantkind! The X-Men travel to Russia when Colossus visits his sister Illyana, formerly the New Mutants’ Magik! But the sadistic Soul Skinner is loose and the Russian government will do anything to stop him even if that means shattering Colossus’ family!

Then, when Magneto’s fanatical followers the Acolytes return, could it mean that the Master of Magnetism is still alive? Plus: Siena Blaze strikes as the Upstarts’ deadly game continues! Betsy Braddock returns but if Betsy’s back, who is Psylocke?!

And the X-Cutioner targets the dying Mastermind as mutants worldwide begin falling mysteriously ill! What horror has Stryfe unleashed on mutantkind and can the X-Men cope with his lethal legacy?

COLLECTING: Uncanny X-Men (1981) 297-300, Uncanny X-Men Annual (1992) 17, X-Men (1991) 17-23, Stryfe’s Strike File (1993) 1, X-Men Unlimited (1993) 1

Product Specifications

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Wednesday Comics
  • Trade Paperback
Cat. No.
  • 5733958
  • 9781302951115
  • 9781302951115