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  • Carnage: Epic Collection: Web Of Carnage

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    Universe: Marvel
    Authors: Art Nichols, and 4 more
    Artists: Mark Bagley, and 2 more
    Published by: Marvel Comics

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Product Description

Carnage’s reign of terror continues! When the hit video game “Carnage Unleashed” provides the psychopathic symbiote the opportunity to gain his freedom, can Venom keep Cletus Kasady from filling the streets with blood?

Then, when Earth is invaded by the planet of the symbiotes, get ready for the attack of the 50-Foot Carnage! Plus: A psychiatrist tries to analyse Carnage, but who will get into whose head? How did Cletus’ symbiote infect Ben Reilly? And when Venom goes on trial, can Spider-Man and Daredevil prevent Carnage from causing chaos in the courtroom?

COLLECTING: Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 403, 410; Venom: Carnage Unleashed (1995) 1-4; Carnage: Mind Bomb (1996) 1; Sensational Spider-Man (1996) 3; Spider-Man (1990) 67; Spectacular Spider-Man (1976) 233; Carnage: It’s a Wonderful Life (1996) 1; Venom: On Trial (1997) 2-3; material from Amazing Spider-Man Super Special (1995) 1; Spider-Man Super Special (1995) 1; Venom Super Special (1995) 1; Spectacular Spider-Man Super Special (1995) 1; Web of Spider-Man Super Special (1995) 1

Product Specifications

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  • Trade Paperback
Cat. No.
  • 5733828
  • 9781302951092
  • 9781302951092