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  • Orcs in Space: Volume 3

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    Authors: Michael Tanner, and 3 more
    Artist: Francois Vigneault
    Published by: Oni Press Inc.

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Product Description

The third and final book in the wildly funny ORCS IN SPACE series by Justin Roiland and friends!

It’s the mayhem-packed finale of Orcs in Space! After defeating Smedlar the World-Basher and kinda saving the galactigon, the orcs get no respect! When their old enemies the Space Rats and StarBleep threaten their homeworld, D.O.N.A. brings the orcs back to crusty ol’ Muckball.

The adventuring party grows when that paragon of orcitude, Mergon Thunderhoof, joins a deadly quest to find the one thing that can save their world. If they fail, this is the end of orc civilization! And that’s probably bad…right?

Product Specifications

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  • Trade Paperback
  • 3
Cat. No.
  • 5661374
  • 9781637150917
  • 9781637150917