• [Kid Slapshot #1 (Cover G Blank Sketch) (Product Image)]
  • Kid Slapshot #1 (Cover G Blank Sketch)

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    From: Kid Slapshot
    Author: Troy Dongarra
    Artist: Troy Dongarra
    Published by: Keenspot Entertainment
    • Discontinued

      This item is no longer available for purchase.


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Product Description

From the artist of popular parody The Mango Lorian comes a new kid-friendly adventure! If you ever wished your favourite merc with a mouth was suitable for all ages and unhealthily obsessed with hockey, your wish has been granted by Kid Slapshot!

He’s the last human boy alive on a planet of monsters known as Pittshole, and it’s the pits. When a cosmic deity gives Slapshot (don’t call him ‘kid!’) a choice, he leaves his home world with some awesome new gadgets and his best pal Dillzy.

Together they set out in search of a new home and a good time. Instead, all they find is trouble. Featuring variants by some of the biggest stars of kidlit comics including Art Baltazar!

Includes bonus pull-out poster by Chris Giarrusso!