• [M. R. James Ghost Stories (Hardcover) (Product Image)]
  • M. R. James Ghost Stories (Hardcover)

    • Discontinued
    Author: M R James
    Published by: Arcturus Publishing
    • Discontinued

      This item is no longer available for purchase.


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Product Description

‘There are all sorts of writers of all sorts of nightmares, but M.R. James wrote the best ghost stories’ Neil Gaiman

This handsome jacketed hardback brings together over 20 terrifying tales by M. R. James, a Victorian writer and scholar whose antiquarian ghost stories re-defined the horror genre.

Set among dark cathedrals, remote inns, and rural estates, with ancient artefacts of awful power lurking in the shadows, a sense of dread and unease builds until some terrible force is unleashed.

Whether confronting undead monstrosities, elemental demons or slithering ghosts, James’ stories warn of the dangers of unbridled curiosity and the corruptibility of human nature among even the most innocent-seeming men.

M. R. James’ haunting tales have inspired generations of horror writers, from H.P. Lovecraft to Stephen King. Here you will find 20 terrifying tales, which will keep you transfixed even as your blood turns to ice.


Oh, Whistle and I’ll Come to You, My Lad

Casting the Runes

Count Magnus

Lost Hearts

The Stalls of Barchester Cathedral

And more.