• [The Grunch: Welcome To The Brudderhood #2 (Cover A Calzada) (Product Image)]
  • The Grunch: Welcome To The Brudderhood #2 (Cover A Calzada)

    • Discontinued
    From: The Grunch: Welcome To The Brudderhood
    Authors: James Kuhoric, and S.A. Check
    Artist: Claudio Avella
    Published by: American Mythology Productions
    • Discontinued

      This item is no longer available for purchase.


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Product Description

It’s Grunch Time! Johnny Detour and his internet vlogging friends went looking for real life terror in the murky bayous of New Orleans and the Grunch were waiting with open arms, and claws, and fangs! Half animal - half man - all monster!

There’s a reason no one travels down Grunch Road and Johnny and his friends are getting a crash course in cryptid 101 as they fight for their lives to escape! But the Grunch haven’t survived all these years without keeping a few dark family secrets tucked away.

And you thought your family tree had some odd branches! Wait until you meet Jah’pa! The exciting, bloody conclusion to the Grunch Saga is here. It’s time to get your Grunch on, Brudder! The Grunch ‘Brudders-in-Arms’ coming soon to a comic store near you!

The Grunch #2 comes with two covers - Main by horror maestro Puis Calzada and variant by EV Cantada!