• [Doctor Who: Unbound: Doctor Of War: Volume 1: Genesis (Product Image)]
  • Doctor Who: Unbound: Doctor Of War: Volume 1: Genesis

    Universe: Doctor Who
    Authors: Lou Morgan, and 2 more
    Published by: Big Finish Productions Ltd

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Product Description

Times have changed.

A choice was made and the universe diverged. And now all of history is at war. One man stands at the centre of it all. But whose side is he one? Is he with the angels? Or the demons? And does anyone even know which is which? He was a Doctor once, but now he is Doctor no more, He is the Warrior.

The Doctor of War.


Dust Devil by John Dorney. The TARDIS crew are on the run, pursued by an unstoppable force. But who is hunting them? And why? Will they find the answers on Aridius? Or just more questions?


Aftershocks by Lou Morgan. The ripples are spreading out. The Warrior is on trial. Or is he? No-one’s willing to tell him his crime so how can he know if he’s guilty? And who is trying him anyway?


The Difference Office by James Kettle. The Warrior is President of the Time Lords… and suffering from visions. Is he the right man to combat an invasion? Because there’s someone out there in the wilderness of Gallifrey. Someone with the Warrior’s face. And he’s heading for the Capitol.

CAST: Colin Baker (The Doctor), Nicola Bryant (Peri), Geoffrey Beevers (The Master), Rebecca Night (Romana). Further cast details to be announced.

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  • 9781838688431