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  • Discontinued Testament: The Life and Art of Frank Frazetta
    Author: Christopher Frayling
    Artist: Frank Frazetta
    Published by: Underwood Books
    • Discontinued

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This final entry in Arnie and Cathy Fenner’s Frazetta trilogy features 150 full-colour paintings by the renowned artist and illustrator, ranging in subject matter from barbarian battles to erotica to religious art.

Frank Frazetta’s 50-year career is celebrated not only in these museum-quality reproductions of his art but also in photos from his personal archives, including shots of George Lucas visiting the Frazetta estate and Bo Derek posing for one of his alluring femme fatales.

Comments and anecdotes by the artist and the editors, along with testimonials from graphic-art luminaries Dave Stevens, Bruce Timm, and Bernie Wrightson, flesh out this portrait of the artist.