• [Alien: One:12 Collective 1/12th Scale Action Figure: Alien (Product Image)]
  • Alien: One:12 Collective 1/12th Scale Action Figure: Alien

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    Universe: Alien
    Brand: One:12 Collective
    Manufacturer: Mezco Toyz


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      • Due for release: May 2022.
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Product Description

In space, no one can hear you scream.

The perfect organism is coming to the One:12 Collective as the Big Chap sets his hungry gaze on your collection with this terrifying action figure by Mezco Toyz.

Featuring an all-new seamless body designed with an internal skeleton armature, the Alien One:12 Collective 1/12th Scale Action Figure brings the horror to life from Ridley Scott’s cinematic masterpiece.

The deadly xenomorph is equipped with a hinged pharyngeal jaw and interchangeable inner mouths to take care of all those pesky Nostromo crew members, as well as an interchangeable chest plate pierced by the ASSO-400 Harpoon Grappling Gun, as seen in the final scene of the movie.

The Alien One:12 Collective figure comes fully loaded with film-accurate accessories, including a coiled Facehugger that can fit over the heads of most other One:12 Collective figures, an open Facehugger, a Chestburster, and an open and closed Ovomorph egg, allowing you to recreate the horror in your own home.

Terrorise your collection with the Alien One:12 Collective 1/12th Scale Action Figure.

Key Points

  • One (1) Alien One:12 Collective 1/12th Scale Action Figure with seamless armour and hidden articulation
  • One (1) head portrait with hinged pharyngeal jaw with hand painted authentic detailing
  • Six (6) interchangeable hands
  • Three (3) pairs of posing hands
  • One (1) Protein polysaccharides exoskeleton
  • One (1) Interchangeable chest plate
  • One (1) Serrated, flexible tail
  • One (1) open Ovomorph egg
  • One (1) closed Ovomorph egg
  • One (1) coiled Facehugger
  • One (1) open Facehugger
  • One (1) Chestburster
  • One (1) One:12 Collective display base with logo
  • One (1) One:12 Collective adjustable display post

Product Specifications

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