• [Dungeon Dive: Aim For The Deepest Level: Volume 3 (Product Image)]
  • Dungeon Dive: Aim For The Deepest Level: Volume 3

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    From: Dungeon Dive
    Authors: Keisuke Sato, and Saki Ukai
    Artist: Keisuke Sato
    Published by: Seven Seas

    £7.80 RRP £10.99

    • Currently Unavailable
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Product Description

A compelling isekai fantasy adventure based on the light novels in Japan!

One moment Kanami is visiting his sick little sister in the hospital, and the next thing he knows, he wakes up in a dark corridor full of cutthroat warriors and bloodthirsty monsters. Kanami quickly learns that he is in the labyrinth, a deadly 100-floor dungeon in a fantasy world and for those able to reach the deepest level, a wish will be granted.

Kanami seems to have received magic powers and a special unnamed skill that kicks in whenever he is overwhelmed, which helps him stabilise but has a disturbing effect on his emotions and mind. After attracting the attention of a mysterious girl, Kanami may have the power he needs to return home to his ailing sister… but at what price?

Cover subject to change

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  • Trade Paperback
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Cat. No.
  • 5395231
  • 9781638581406
  • 9781638581406