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  • Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles: Volume 2

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    Universe: Doctor Who
    Authors: Christopher Cooper, and 3 more
    Published by: Big Finish Productions Ltd

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Product Description

Four stories set in the Eleventh Doctor era, starring Jacob Dudman:

2.1 The Evolving Dead by Doris V Sutherland.

The dead stalk the corridors of research station Romeo. For a technician (dead) and her ex-boyfriend (also dead), the Doctor’s their only chance to escape. For the rest of the crew, he’s their only chance to feed.

2.2 The Day Before They Came by Daniel Blythe.

In the shabby seaside town of Bayview, Kayla Worthington is sitting on the beach waiting for an alien invasion. Her patience is rewarded when an alien arrives, although he doesn’t seem to be invading. He’s called the Doctor, and he wants to buy her a cup of tea.

2.3 The Melting Pot by Christopher Cooper.

Arriving on Piir to sample the local cuisine, the Doctor finds a society wildly different from the one he remembers. With violence brewing on the streets, the Doctor will have to get to the bottom of what has gone wrong on Piir, before the world tears itself apart.

2.4 A Tragical History by Tessa North.

To most of the inmates in Hythe Prison, life is miserable. However, some are living out their idealised lives within its walls. Amongst the dank conditions, the Doctor is about to uncover the key to everything he could ever desire.

Cast: Jacob Dudman (The Doctor), Laura Aikman (Sarah Ellison), Tom Alexander (Maxwell/Headshot), Ayesha Antoine (Babs), Nicholas Asbury (Preacher Stem), Joe Barnes (Ray), Nicholas Briggs (Spongiform), Jacob Daniels (Lee), Bethan Dixon Bate (Lady Dora Swift), Joe Jameson (Arvin), Avita Jay (Evo/Eleanor Pearce), Jenny Lee (Eliza Smith), Paul Panting (Ilyani/Bailiff), Jeany Spark (Gonch/Piir Mother), Milly Thomas (Elix), Venice Van Someren (Mary Wainwright), Jo Woodcock (Kayla Worthington). Other parts played by members of the cast.

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