• [Transformers: The IDW Collection: Phase Three: Volume 2 (Hardcover) (Product Image)]
  • Transformers: The IDW Collection: Phase Three: Volume 2 (Hardcover)

    Universe: Transformers
    Authors: John Barber, and 2 more
    Artists: Sara Pitre-Durocher, and Kei Zama
    Published by: Idw Publishing

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Product Description

Presenting the final phase of IDW’s Transformers universe in recommended reading order, including one-shots, crossovers, and event series!

The fate of Cybertron lies in the hands of Starscream and Windblade as each tries to win allies and support for control over the Council of Worlds. After the costly victory against the Titans, Iacon is in shambles and Starscream finds himself on shakier ground than ever.

The key to his political (and likely literal) survival rests in the outcome of a very unlikely event: the trial of the Council’s first official war criminal-Chromia of Caminus!

Revolution is over–but the danger to Earth is just beginning. As Optimus Prime pulls Earth into the larger universe, he’s painted a target on it… and a new alien incursion begins when a corkscrew-shaped craft drills into our world!

Plus, follow the adventures of the crew of the Lost Light! In the aftermath of Revolution, Rodimus and his crew are stranded with no ship-and no hope of escape!

Collects Transformers: Till All Are One issues #9-12 by Mairghread Scott and Sara Pitre-Durocher, Transformers: Optimus Prime issues #1-6 by John Barber, Kei Zama, and Alex Milne, and Transformers: Lost Light issues #1-7 by James Roberts and Jack Lawrence.

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