• [Doctor Who Figurine Collection Special #28: Cyber Leader (Throne Age) (Product Image)]
  • Doctor Who Figurine Collection Special #28: Cyber Leader (Throne Age)

    Universe: Doctor Who
    Published by: Eaglemoss Publications

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Product Description

CEO and co-founder of Cybus Industries, John Lumic poured countless resources into finding a cure for the life-threatening illness that kept him confined to a wheelchair. His pursuit of human augmentation technology led him to develop a new form of one of the Doctor’s classic enemies – the Cybermen!

Lumic set his creations loose on the streets of London, where they began forcibly “upgrading” the populace into a growing army of cybernetic soldiers. Once Lumic himself was injured, his biomechanical monsters turned their attentions on their own creator – and upgraded him into the new Cyber-Controller!

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