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  • Sherlock Holmes' Little Book Of Wisdom (Hardcover)

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    Universe: Sherlock Holmes
    Author: Glenn Dakin
    Published by: Eaglemoss Publications

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Product Description

Sherlock Holmes’ wit and wisdom, combined with some sly illustrations, will help you deduce the best way to mindfully solve the mysteries of modern life!

In our pursuit of happiness, is it possible we have overlooked some crucial clue? Time to turn your days into a thrilling adventure!

The game’s afoot.

In this age of nano-tech and quantum physics, the thinking of Sherlock Holmes returns to remind us that success in life depends on noticing the tiny details that others do not.

“You know my method. It is founded upon the observation of trifles.” (Holmes)

If you find life puzzling and incomprehensible, who better to help you understand what’s going on than Sherlock Holmes?

Holmes reminds us that life makes a lot more sense if you know what to look for. Listen to Holmes and you’ll know that life isn’t random.

Holmes has lots of life lessons to offer us. His great career wasn’t only down to spotting clues. He was a specialist in deduction, a master of disguise, a genius at setting traps and a prince of daring-do, happy to brave a moor at midnight and face a demon hound. He also knew how to choose his friends, and find the perfect ally in his dear Watson.

After all, the great detective unmasked the Sussex Vampire, caught the Creeping Man and destroyed the evil genius Moriarty. Compared to this, shouldn’t our worries be a piece of cake?

Illustrated with Glenn Dakin’s trademark witty cartoons and insightful observations.

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  • 9781858759968