• [Purgatori #1 (Cover A Fuso) (Product Image)]
  • Purgatori #1 (Cover A Fuso)

    • Discontinued
    From: Purgatori
    Author: Ray Fawkes
    Artist: Alvaro Sarraseca
    Published by: Dynamite Entertainment
    • Discontinued

      This item is no longer available for purchase.


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Product Description

DEBUT ISSUE! From the team that brought you the seismic VAMPIRELLA VS. PURGATORI series comes the solo follow-up for the demon of dark humour! Purgatori’s really living the vampire demon life. She’s got Lilith’s nasty mind worm eating her willpower.

She’s going bug-nuts crazy. And now, there are a bunch of witches targeting her with their weird bodysnatching schemes. Clearly, it’s time for some quiet introspection and careful planning, right? Get ready for bloody mayhem instead!