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Product Description

Recipes for Disaster is a collection of the 121 best cards from the original Exploding Kittens and all the expansions. Both new and experienced players can use the 13 Recipe Booklets included to play wild, explosive remixes of the classic game!

Choose your game experience - play the Lightning Kittens Recipe for a quick 2 minute game, play the I See Everything Recipe for a psychic experience, play the Black Hole Recipe with all Imploding Kittens, and so many more!

The 13 Recipe Booklets provide instructions to play new and unique versions of Exploding Kittens.

Pick the Recipe Booklet that matches your game night or mix it up and play them all.

Choose your recipe based on your preferences - number of players, length of playtime, level of competition and more

Become a game creator - use the 5 blank Recipe Booklets to create your own custom gameplay.

Includes 121 cards, 13 Recipe Booklets, 5 blank Recipe Booklets, a new wearable Cone of Shame, game instructions and the box is built with a storage tray to organise your cards by type.

Ages 7+

2-5 Players

15 mins to play

Product Specifications

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