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  • Agricola: Farmers Of The Moor: (Revised Edition)

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Product Description

Agricola: Farmers of the Moor, an expansion for the revised edition of Agricola, adds to the base game with a large set of new improvements as well as a number of new features. Horses are introduced as a new type of animal. In addition, you not only have to feed your family, but you must keep them from becoming “ill” by heating each room in your house. You can get fuel to heat your home by chopping down the forests on your farmyard or by harvesting peat.

If you have the five- and six-player expansion for the revised edition of Agricola, you can use Farmers of the Moor with up to six players.

Please note: You need the revised Agricola base game to play this expansion. To play with more than 4 players you will also need the expansion for 5 and 6 players.

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