• [Dr. Livingston's: Anatomy Jigsaw Puzzle: Volume IV: The Human Right Arm (Product Image)]
  • Dr. Livingston's: Anatomy Jigsaw Puzzle: Volume IV: The Human Right Arm

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    Manufacturer: Genius Games LLC

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Product Description

The fourth volume of Dr. Livingston’s Anatomy Jigsaw Puzzle: The Human Right Arm, focuses on the musculature, and shows how each muscle and tendon relates to the next.

Together, this soft tissue enables us to flex and extend our upper limbs, push and pull, and precisely guide what we grasp

A complex network of nerves, arteries and veins are interwoven, constantly repairing our muscles and collecting information about our environment.

This puzzle will give you a completely different view of your body and its complexity and a whole new understanding of how amazing it truly is.

200% Magnification.

100% Medically Accurate.

Illustrator: Mesa Schumacher, Certified Medical Illustrator.

Age Recommendation: 14+

Pieces: 478 Pieces.

Height: 49.4”

Product Specifications

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