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  • Discontinued Marvel Box Set
    Universe: Marvel
    Directed by: Patrick Archibald, and 3 more
    • Discontinued

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Ultimate Avengers: Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America, returns to the world after being frozen in ice for 60 years. It’s a different world. A world that needs heroes.

Ultimate Avengers 2: Mysterious Wakanda. An isolated land hidden behind closed borders, fiercely protected by its young king - the Black Panther. But when brutal alien invaders attack, the Black Panther no option but turn to the Avengers…

The Invincible Iron Man: When billionaire inventor Tony Stark uses break-through technology to physically raise a forgotten city, he awakens an unspeakable evil, giving life to the most vile of all emperors - the Mandarin.

Doctor Strange: Dr. Stephen Strange embarks on a wondrous journey to the heights of a Tibetan mountain, where he seeks healing at the feet of the mysterious Ancient One. But before his wounds can mend, Strange must first let go of his painful past and awaken a gift granted to very few. The gift of magic.