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    Author: Tina Scott
    Artist: Nia Scott
    Published by: Andrews & McMeel Publishing
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In this diverse, manga-inspired graphic novel, a girl with surprising new powers is mistaken for a monster and must go on the run with her younger sister.

As they evade hostile forces, the sisters travel the globe in search of other extraordinary teenagers who may hold the secret to stopping the real monsters threatening the Earth.

Join them in this coming-of-age adventure about friendship, determination, and the power of embracing your truest self, in Happy Monstah.

Sisters “Happy” and “Monstah” are two regular girls living in Liberty City, until Monstah starts to develop strange powers, that is! Corrupted gods have started to restart Earth and try to bring it to its natural state-a world without humans!

Only one girl from each area of the world can gain a power specific to that region to take down these corrupted gods. Unfortunately, society sees these girls as threats and is on the attack.

They are hunted down by ordinary citizens, the government, corrupted gods, and scientists. Their stories also deal with navigating mental health issues in minority communities, self-identity, prejudice, trafficking and the anxiety that comes with the everyday life of being someone who is seen as different.

The goal is to represent as many cultures authentically as possible and to show that even though we’re different, we’re still human.


Trade Paperback
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