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  • Thirsty Sword Lesbians

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    Manufacturer: Evil Hat Productions

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    • Currently Unavailable
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Product Description

Thirsty sword lesbians battle a tyrannical ruler when her enforcers march down from the frosty north. They rocket through the stars to safeguard diplomats ending a generations-old conflict.

They sip tea together and share shy glances at the corner cafe, until they need to take up their swords to defend their community. Even in conflict, they seek peace with their opponents—and sometimes connect more deeply than anyone expects.

Your thirsty sword lesbians may be fantasy heroes, or may inhabit a galaxy of laser swords and starships. Anywhere that swords cross and hearts race, thirsty sword lesbians are there.

Product Specifications

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  • Hardback
Cat. No.
  • 5207008