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    Universe: Fallout
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Give your brain a workout with A Quiet Night!

This gorgeous 1000 piece, premium 750 x 500 mm jigsaw is printed in gloss on a high-quality, precision-cut white backer board, packed in an in-universe full-colour shrink-wrapped box, as supplied from Chryslus for use by Chryslus employees to preserve their sanity during the long nighttime hours of those seemingly endless pre-war Vault Drills.

A wonderful compliment to the Busy Day jigsaw, the richly sumptuous “A Quiet Night” image depicts the flagship Chryslus showroom powered down, locked up and closed to customers. The cars, lit only by the nightlights that glitter in the dark and the eerie glow of their nuclear diesel fusion engines, sit in a quiet stillness broken only by the purposeful whirr of patrolling Mr. Handy guards.

Now it is your turn to enjoy the detail of this midnight scene as you also search in quiet reverie piece by piece to reveal the darkest corner of the showroom.

It’s not just fun, it’s a great workout for your grey matter too!

Yes that’s right, doing a puzzle has been scientifically proven to sharpen your intellectual powers. Using both sides of your brain (the logical left and the creative right) to search for and find the right piece, so that you can slot it satisfyingly into place, works wonders for your mental capacity.

As the beautifully-organised picture emerges from the chaotic pile of pieces, you’ll not only feel yourself relaxing but you’ll also be giving yourself the most rewarding mental workout, honing your problem-solving skills, increasing your concentration and improving your memory.base, shrink wrapped.

Age range: Suitable for ages 14+


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