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    Universe: Star Trek
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An versatile starship available to Starfleet players in Star Trek Online, the Shran-Class Light Pilot Escort was designed to meet a variety of wartime requests, from cost efficiency to flexibility to sheer firepower. After a variety of prototypes, the completed ship evolved into a successor to the Magee-class - built to the modern standards of the 25th century.

The Shran-class combines a central saucer, similar in shape to the Akira-class Heavy Escort, with two bulky nacelles intersecting its hull. A small and highly maneuverable vessel, this ship is armed with a graviton displacer for disrupting enemy flight.

Collect the original ships created for Star Trek Online, the hit video game based on Star Trek! Each ship is reproduced with incredible detail, and accompanied by an in-depth profile magazine.


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