• [World Of Archie: Jumbo Comics Digest #108 (Product Image)]
  • World Of Archie: Jumbo Comics Digest #108

    • Discontinued
    From: World Of Archie: Jumbo Comics Digest
    Universe: Archie
    Authors: Various, and Francis Bonnet
    Artists: Various, and Tim Kennedy
    Published by: Archie Comic Publications
    • Discontinued

      This item is no longer available for purchase.

Product Description

‘Smarter Than a Refrigerator’ The Lodges have a brand new smart refrigerator, complete with a screen, an advanced control panel, and a voice assistant.

The refrigerator impresses everyone with its ability to pour drinks and prepare delicious snacks-until, of course, Archie makes a mistake that causes the refrigerator to malfunction, ultimately ending in a robot uprising in Lodge mansion!