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Return to Scadrial in this new expansion to Mistborn: House War, based on the events of Mistborn: The Well of Ascension, the second novel in Brandon Sanderson’s epic series.

Protect or defend the capital city of Luthadel, recruiting fan-favourite heroes and villains like Vin, Elend, Zane, and Straff Venture, as you struggle for control of the Final Empire in the wake of the Lord Ruler’s defeat.

The Siege of Luthadel expansion revises and refreshes your Mistborn: House War experience with all-new mechanics, Houses, Personalities, Problems, and victory conditions based on events in The Well of Ascension:

Take up the roles of new Houses like House Cett, the Church of the Survivor, or the Luthadel Assembly as you curry the Favor of Luthadel’s citizens.

Cut deals to support the forces attacking or defending the city, gaining Allegiance with each faction as you decide the city’s fate.

Take control of the marauding Koloss army, claiming the spoils of war at the risk of suffering from a Koloss rampage.

Follow Vin’s Journey as she searches for the Well of Ascension, moving the game ever closer to its climax – the apocalyptic Battle of Luthadel!

The game ends with the Battle of Luthadel. The side that wins the siege – attackers or defenders – grants bonus Favor for Allegiance to their side. The House with the greatest Favor wins!

Inside you’ll find:

6 House Sheets (Houses Cett, Lekal, Penrod, and Venture, plus the Luthadel Assembly and Church of the Survivor).

46 Problem cards.

75 Personality cards.

34 Rampage mini cards.

6 double-sided Support tokens.

152 Allegiance tokens (76 Attacker and 76 Defender).

Siege of Luthadel board overlay.

32-page, full-color rulebook.

Two highly-detailed plastic PVC miniatures: a 32 mm pawn depicting Vin, heroine of the Mistborn series; and a 65 mm pawn depicting the massive Koloss.


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