• [Land That Time Forgot: Fearless #3 (Cover B Limited Black & White) (Product Image)]
  • Land That Time Forgot: Fearless #3 (Cover B Limited Black & White)

    • Discontinued
    • Adult
    From: The Land That Time Forgot: Fearless
    Author: Mike Wolfer
    Artist: Fritz Casas
    Published by: American Mythology Productions
    • Discontinued

      This item is no longer available for purchase.


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Product Description

The incredible, canonical, thrill-a-minute series set in Edgar Rice Burroughs’ astounding prehistoric world of Caspak comes to a thunderous conclusion!

In this official sequel to the original novel, heroes Bowen Tyler and Lys la Rue Tyler battle their way through savage Caspak, and with the aid of See-ta and Co-tan, they have finally escaped the brutal tribe of prehistoric men who have been hunting them.

But their troubles are only beginning when Lys is abducted by one of Caspak’s most despicable, hideous humanoids, a corpse-like, winged Wieroo! Join the race against time, set in a world of rampaging dinosaurs and high-adventure, as only Edgar Rice Burroughs could have imagined!

The Land That Time Forgot Fearless #3 is available with two covers - Main & 300 copy limited edition by Roy Allan Martinez.