• [Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto: Complete Season 1 Collection (DVD & Blu-Ray Collector's Edition) (Product Image)]
  • Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto: Complete Season 1 Collection (DVD & Blu-Ray Collector's Edition)
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2 Blu-Ray and 3 DVD discs.

All 13 episodes from the Japanese anime series in which high school student Sakamoto (voice of Hikaru Midorikawa) is the envy of all the other boys in school and is well-admired by the girls.

With his effortless class and smooth sophistication, Sakamoto is somehow always able to emerge from tricky situations without a hitch, despite his male peers constantly playing pranks on him out of jealousy.

Despite being mostly unaware of human emotion in others, he also ends up helping out those in need and assists a boy in getting a part-time job who was being bullied for his lack of money.

The episodes are: ‘Sakamoto of Class 1-2/Bee Quiet’, ‘I Want to Protect, Rather Than Be Protected/Starting Today, I Can Use the Love Psychology Technique’, ‘The Gopher, Sakamoto/Hide and Seek of Love’, ‘Is Sakamoto a Pervert?/Classroom Scene Omnibus/The Summer of Sakamoto’s Disappearance’, ‘Softball Throwing/Charismatic Yankee Senior 8823/Health Care’, ‘Go Home Rules/Love Acrossing Camera/Cafeteria Marketing’, ‘Is Sakamoto Really a Pervert?/Sera’s French Revolution’, ‘The Cultural Festival Is Gloomy’, ‘The Meeting Between Sakamoto and Me/Nearest, Yet Far Person’, ‘Demon Lord/Lacking Thing’, ‘No Need for Warmth/1-2 Memories’, ‘So Long, Sakamoto-kun’ and ‘Haven’t You Heard?

I’m Sakamoto: The Movie’.


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