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    Universe: Doctor Who
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“I am the Master… and you will obey me!”

Celebrating 50 years of Roger Delgado as the Master!

The Doctor is exiled to Earth when his old friend turned villainous rogue known as the Master arrives! Over the next few years he teams with Autons, Axons, Sea Devils, Daleks and more in his schemes to defeat the Doctor and conquer the cosmos!

This limited edition t-shirt features a back print that lists all of this regeneration’s appearances in the series. Once this print run has been exhausted, future printings will not include the back print. Don’t miss out!

First print run limited to 150 units.

Doctor Who: The Anniversary Collection celebrates milestone landmarks in the series almost 60 year history.

Size guide:

S = 8-10

M = 10-12

L = 12-14

XL = 14-16

XXL = 18-20


Cat. No.
5097395 (S)
5097371 (M)
5097357 (L)
5097364 (XL)
5097432 (XXL)