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The world as you know it is the world of yesterday. The world of today is a nightmare landscape of shuffling feet and grabbing hands, mouths agape and bloodshot eyes.

It is an empty, deserted world, where the sounds of nature and technology have been progressively replaced by the constant moaning of the dead and the screams of those who haven’t got the message yet: you must fight to stay alive.

Z:RPG, designed by Marco Maggi and Francesco Nepitello, merges the classic zombie-bashing action that players expect from the Zombicide line of board games with the exciting character creation and development of an immersive role-playing game.

An intuitive set of game rules will allow players to create original Survivors during a Prologue that narrates the players’ first contact with the undead menace. Then, the Survivors will plunge head-first and galvanize into a group of die-hards with their first adventure: “The Crossroad”. This adventure will allow the players to describe where and how they got together, and why they watch each others’ backs.

“The Crossroad” is a fully-customizable entry point, created to allow for different play-styles and settings, whether a classic urban locale, an infested shopping mall or hospital, a remote scientific lab, and more.


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