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  • 1001 Tarot Spreads: The Complete Book Of Tarot Spreads For Every Purpose (Hardcover)

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    Author: Cassandra Eason
    Published by: Sterling Publishing

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Product Description

With 1,001 spreads for every possible need, this guide–written by a master tarot reader and bestselling author–is the be-all and end-all sourcebook on tarot card layouts!

People seeking to understand themselves and their destiny have long relied on tarot cards for divination. And while finding guidance may be as simple as drawing one card randomly from the deck, over the years many other layouts have been devised–from three-card past/present/future readings to more complicated layouts that use almost the entire deck.

Bestselling author and master reader Cassandra Eason will guide you through this rich variety of spreads so you can get a more precise answer to your question. Address a lingering anxiety by laying down a 10-card Celtic Cross. Buying a house? About to undergo surgery? Confused by a flighty love interest?

Look to this book for 1,001 different ways to draw and place cards that will give you clues about the future, context for the present, and insight into the past.

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