• [Pokemon Adventures: Black 2 & White 2: Volume 4 (Product Image)]
  • Pokemon Adventures: Black 2 & White 2: Volume 4

    Universe: Pokémon
    Author: Hidenori Kusaka
    Artist: Satoshi Yamamoto
    Published by: Viz Media Llc

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Product Description

Awesome Pokmon adventures inspired by the best-selling Pokmon Black 2 & White 2 video games! Two years have passed since Team Plasma was defeated and Trainer Black was sucked into the Light Stone along with Legendary Pokmon Reshiram…

Now Team Plasma is back to its wicked ways, controlling other people’s Pokmon and even wild Pokmon with technology. Luckily, a new young hero and Looker of the International Police are on their trail… It’s the exciting final volume of the Black 2 & White 2 series!

Blake catches up to Colress, the current leader of Team Plasma, while Whitley, accompanied by the reformed Team Plasma member N, corners Ghetsis, whose plan is to self-destruct, destroying everything around him. Both Trainers must defeat their enemies and save the world, but it won’t be easy.

Can the four Pokdex holders Blake, Whitley, Black and White handle the greatest crisis ever to hit the Unova region?!

Product Specifications

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  • Trade Paperback
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Cat. No.
  • 5071265
  • 9781974721092
  • 9781974721092