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  • Cyberpunk 2020: Protect & Serve

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    Universe: Cyberpunk
    Manufacturer: R. Talsorian Games

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Product Description

Lt.DeVris pulled up the headset and yelled into it. “REECE! GO!” The headset crackled as Reece’s voice came back to him. “Okay - we’re proceeding up the stairwell. I don’t think there’s as many as…”

The entire block shook with an almighty blast from the booby-trapped stairwell. Slammed in the pressure wave, a police cruiser flipped while another nearby caught fire.

DeVris ripped the headset from his ears as it emitted a shrill scream of static. Reece and his men were… gone.

In 2020, the Street is ablaze, and the only Law comes from the barrel of a gun. Now R.Talsorian gives your hard fighting cops of the cyberpunk world the tools they need to hold the Line against the rising tide of crime: Protect and Serve. The complete Law Enforcement Sourcebook for the mean Streets of 2020, Protect and Serve has cop talk, cop cars, cop training, cop guns - everything your super cop character needs to take down the perps and punks of the Dark Future! Because when Night City is on fire, only you can BRING THE RAIN!

Note: Weapons, vehicles, and cybertech from Cyberpunk 2020 is fully compatible with the future release of Cyberpunk Red.

Game Type: Expansion

Subcategory: Source Book/Adventure

Product Specifications

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