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    Manufacturer: Renegade Game Studios
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The Fox in the Forest is a two-player trick-taking game with a unique twist on the status quo. It combines strategy, hand management and just a little bit of guesswork. Each player tries to outsmart the other, whilst themselves attempting not to get caught out. Can you find the right balance to become victorious?

The deck has 33 cards divided into 3 unique, and eye-catching suits, bells, keys, and moons, numbered 1 to 11. The 6 odd-numbered cards all have different benefits, you can gain extra points for playing a 7, or force players into losing a good card by playing an 11. The artwork on the cards is beautiful featuring foxes, monarchs, and swans to name a few.

Each round starts with both players being dealt 13 cards and one card from the deck being upturned and declared the trump suit for that round – but be careful – playing a 3 enables you to change that suit, so keep an eye on what your opponent is up to!

The object of the game is to win a certain number of tricks – winning 0-3 or 7-9 out of 13 total tricks will score you maximum points, with varying points for winning 4, 5, and 6 tricks, giving them game an interesting strategy twist. However, you mustn’t get too greedy, winning 10 or more tricks will score you no points at all, handing the other player all 6 points.

The winner is the first person to 21 points, though if you are short on time, a 16-point target works equally well.

The choice, then, is this: are you playing to win, or playing to lose? No matter which you choose – can you perfect your strategy?

Player Count: 2

Time: 30 Minutes

Age: 10+


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