• [Pokemon: Trading Card Game: Sword & Shield: Set 3: Darkness Ablaze (Booster Box Of 36) (Product Image)]
  • Currently Unavailable Pokemon: Trading Card Game: Sword & Shield: Set 3: Darkness Ablaze (Booster Box Of 36)
    Universe: Pokémon
    Manufacturer: Pokémon USA
    • Currently Unavailable
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Please note: The booster box contains 36 packs, each containing 10 Pokemon cards (including one reverse holographic card and one rare card), one energy card and a code card for use with Pokemon: TCG online.

Limit 1 per customer.

Unleash the darkness and let Eternatus blaze!

Darkness Ablaze is the third set from Pokemon: Sword and Shield and promises some of the most over-powered cards yet! Featuring more than 185 cards, including 14 V Cards, 7 VMAX and 17 trainers, this set has more than its fair share of must-have rarities for Pokemon TCG players at every level.

Cards to look out for in this set include:

• The awesome Eternatus VMAX, who’s very presence allows you fill your bench with up to eight pokemon – as long as they are all dark types!

• The sinister Crobat V, perfect for restocking your hand

• The cunning Vikavolt V, ideal for confounding your opponent’s plans

• The underestimated Bird Keeper, who allows you to draw and switch

• The gargantuan Charizard VMAX, who can do 300 damage in a single attack!

Each booster box will contain at least 5 ultra-rare cards (including V Cards, VMAX Cards, full-art, rainbow rare and gold cards) and over 10 rare holographic cards – it’s the ideal way to fill all the gaps in your collection and build that perfect deck – gotta catch ‘em all!


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