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  • Discontinued Sword & Sorcery Lawful Familiars
    Manufacturer: Ares Games
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The world of Sword & Sorcery – Lawful Familiars is imbued with many mystical secrets, and familiars are but one of these! In the set The Ancient Chronicles: Lawful Familiars players can find these intelligent little creatures that are able to create a magical link with their humanoid friends.

The ancient scrolls of the Archmagi classify Lawful familiars into three types, each characterized by a deep bond with their owner:

Domestic: Dog

Wild: Boar, Horned Lizard and Owl

Legendary: Pixie

Each of these Familiars provides valuable help on the battlefield or grants peculiar abilities to its owner, such as the superior sense of smell of a Dog or mystic enchantments of a Pixie. But this deep bond has a downside. When a Familiar dies, its owner suffers a terrible mental shock, which hampers their skills for a time.

This expansion can be used with any Sword & Sorcery Quest or Campaign (Immortal Souls or Ancient Chronicles), by simply shuffling the Familiar cards into the Treasure deck.