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There are 10,000 humans in stasis aboard Starship Future. Ten thousand humans expecting to wake upon a distant planet, their new home.

But twenty years into their journey, Starship Future takes on board fuel - and something else. Something that’s been waiting, frozen in space, for a very long time. Something malevolent. Something with a plan. Unless the Doctor can help, it looks like the people of Starship Future have no future at all.

Time Lord Victorious is a brand new multi-platform Doctor Who story told across audio, novels, comics, vinyl, digital, immersive theatre, escape rooms and games! This release has been created in partnership with Escape Hunt, the company behind the escape room, A Dalek Awakens, and can be enjoyed either as a prequel to the experience or as a standalone adventure.

CAST: Tom Baker (The Doctor), Nicholas Briggs (The Daleks/Dalek Mutant), Pippa Haywood (Captain Graff), Joseph Kloska (Pilot Finlay), Clive Mantle (Medical Officer Chuke), Andrew James Spooner (Professor Brooke), Nina Toussaint-White (Security Office Swann). Other parts played by members of the cast.


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