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  • Into The Dungeon: A Choose-Your-Own-Path Book

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    Author: Hari Conner
    Published by: Andrews & McMeel Publishing

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Product Description

You have heard tales of a place…a passage hidden away in the ruins of a forgotten castle, full of terrible dangers, and, for those who dare to face them, endless reward…

Provisions are gathered, blades sharpened, and, trying to shake the feeling of dread, you set out to find your way…Into the Dungeon.

Into the Dungeon is a 100+ page choose-your-own-path game-in-a-book, where all you need to play is a pencil. The reader gets to decide which way to go and how to explore, with hundreds of different paths through the story.

On some paths you’ll find untold riches, ancient artefacts, strange creatures or secret passages, on others, you’ll barely make it out alive (or die horribly.)

Product Specifications

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  • Paperback
Cat. No.
  • 4949053
  • 978152486170451299
  • 9781524861704