• [Starcraft: Ghost Academy: Volume 1 (Product Image)]
  • Starcraft: Ghost Academy: Volume 1

    From: Starcraft
    Authors: Keith R A DeCandido, and Fernando Furukawa
    Artist: Fernando Furukawa
    Published by: Titan Comics

    £7.09 RRP £9.99

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Product Description

In this heart-pumping manga series based on the videogame phenomenon StarCraft, elite soldiers known as Ghosts are trained to use their special psychic powers for military operations.

Ghost’s are the Dominion’s ultimate weapons - elite Terran operatives capable of reading thoughts, becoming invisible, and much more. One location possesses the technology and expertise required to teach these mysterious individuals their unique and deadly talents: the Ghost Academy. The inner workings of this shadowy institution have remained shrouded in rumours and fearful speculations - until now. Join Nova, a powerful psionic, as she struggles to forget the memories of her harrowing past and adapt to her new life as a Ghost Academy cadet. Along with other trainees, Nova must undergo brutal physical and psychological exercises as her unique telepathic and telekinetic powers are twisted to serve the Dominion.

Nova’s greatest challenge, however, may be putting up with her own teammates: Tosh, a hard-line Dominion supporter; Kath, a mouthy vice-president’s daughter; Aal, an opportunistic playboy; and Lio, a scatterbrained geek with a habit of making machines go haywire.

Despite the cadets’ differences, they have no choice other than to endure and overcome, because at this school, failure is not an option.

Product Specifications

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  • Trade Paperback
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Cat. No.
  • 4930297
  • 9781789095746
  • 9781789095746