• [Edgar Allan Poe`s Snifter Of Blood #1 (Product Image)]
  • Edgar Allan Poe`s Snifter Of Blood #1

    • Discontinued
    From: Edgar Allan Poe`s Snifter Of Blood
    Authors: Dean R. Motter, and Paul Cornell
    Artists: Dean R. Motter, and Russell Braun
    Published by: Ahoy Comics
    • Discontinued

      This item is no longer available for purchase.

Product Description

The Snifter of Terror returns with an all-star snark-fest under a bloody new title! Paul Cornell (Doctor Who) and Russell Braun (The Boys) reimagine Poe’s ‘Black Cat’ - as a dog!

In ‘Atlas Shrugged’ (no relation), Mr. X creator Dean Motter settles the science vs. religion debate once and for all! Plus: prose, pix, and a jaunty cover by Scary Godmother’s Jill Thompson!