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    Universe: Archie
    Author: Tim Hanley
    Published by: Rowman & Littlefield
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We think we know Betty and Veronica from Archie comics, but we don’t. Far more than just Archie’s girlfriends, this book shows how the girls adapted to be compelling, relevant characters for each new generation over the past eighty years.

Betty, Veronica, and the rest of the Riverdale gang appear to be frozen in time in Archie comics. They are perpetual high schoolers, recycling the same basic plotlines over and over in their wholesome, small-town American world. However, there is much more to Betty and Veronica than the broad archetypes and cliched storytelling suggests.

In Betty and Veronica: The Leading Ladies of Riverdale, Tim Hanley explores the complexity behind these two iconic characters. We know Betty and Veronica as Archie’s girlfriends, but that’s just the beginning-they are their own women with evolving motivations and aims. From fighting over Archie to tackling women’s lib to chasing down serial killers on Riverdale, their friendship has endured and grown through decades of shifting characterisations and social change. Exploring their past offers unique insights into the ways life has progressed for young women over the past eighty years, and shows us the hidden strengths and secret depths of these pop culture icons.

Featuring full-colour comic book cover art that spans nearly eight decades of publishing-along with behind-the-scenes accounts of creative decisions, historical insights, and examinations of their different incarnations-this book provides a vibrant exploration of Betty and Veronica’s many adventures along their long, intriguing journey in popular culture.


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