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    Universe: Doctor Who
    Published by: Panini
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Find all the info you need in this issue of Doctor Who Magazine.

Issue 551 also includes:

  • Extended Production Notes from current showrunner Chris Chibnall.

  • Composer Segun Akinola reveals his inspirations for the Series 12 soundtrack.

  • In the first virtual Out of the TARDIS, Neil Gaiman answers questions from the TARDIS tin.

  • The Fact of Fiction explores the 1984 classic The Caves of Androzani.

  • A tribute to the late David Collings (Revenge of the Cybermen, The Robots of Death, Mawdryn Undead), including extracts from a previously unpublished interview.

How Doctor Who fans around the world are staying connected during the lockdown.

  • A lockdown viewing guide to Doctor Who stories that are available on DVD and streaming services.

  • A look at Birth of a Renegade, a short Doctor Who story from the Radio Times 20th Anniversary Special.

  • A review of the Doctor Who: The Collection, Season 14 Blu-ray box set.

  • Time and Space Visualiser presents a lockdown special, with contributions from former Doctors and companions.

  • Public Image presents a full round-up of how Series 12 performed in the ratings.

  • Part Three of The Piggybackers, a new comic-strip adventure featuring the Thirteenth Doctor and her friends.

  • Big Finish previews and reviews, news, prize-winning competitions, The Blogs of Doom and much more!


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