• [ABAKAN 2301: Kallamity's World of Mecha Design: Part 2 (Product Image)]
  • ABAKAN 2301: Kallamity's World of Mecha Design: Part 2

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    Author: Luca Zampriolo
    Published by: Design Studio Press

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Product Description

Weingart Lieutenant Richard Mertzbow (aka “Mertz”) has been stuck on the mysterious Abakan Base in solitude for decades, while war raged on his home planet, Terra, between the ruling Weingart power, which put him on Abakan, and those rebelling against their oppressive rule.

One day a young woman suddenly appears at his door, revealing secrets that threaten to unravel his already fragile state of mind. Abakan 2301 picks up where 2011’s Abakan 2288, by renowned mecha artist Kallamity, left off.

The sequel is an exciting exploration of mecha, narrated by the compelling, but strained voice of Mertz as he navigates a world he does not recognise, alongside Kallamity’s, which shares his own complicated adventures in executing his mecha designs.

Just as with the first instalment, Abakan 2301 features Kallamity’s original story illustrations and images of his remarkable mech creations, the Kastor, the Watchel, and Briegel II, to name a few, in all their intricate and colourful glory, with detailed information about their builds, as well a section featuring prominent artists reimagining Kallamity’s remarkable designs.

Product Specifications

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Cat. No.
  • 4752813
  • 978162465045153995
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