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  • The Unicorn Handbook (Hardcover)

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    Author: Carolyn Turgeon
    Published by: Harper Collins Publishers

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Product Description

Strong, regal, and dazzling, there is no more romantic a creature in both folklore and pop culture than the majestic unicorn.

Known for its preference for solitary living in the depths of enchanted and perfumed forests, the unicorn will only occasionally reveal itself to virginal ladies and/or save the day with its magical horn, which is said to neutralise poison when dipped into food or drink.

In medieval times, unicorns were a symbol of chivalry and aristocracy, so it’s no surprise that they became the ideal companion for gallant knights, and eventually, the symbol of Jesus in many illuminated bestiaries.

They also came to represent unknown danger in the ancient city of Persepolis in 515 BCE, a belief immortalised on the British coat of arms with the unicorn shown as the mighty lion’s fiercest opponent. This feud also appears in a traditional English nursery that was the origin of the quarrel between The Lion and the Unicorn in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass.

It wasn’t long before a piece of the unicorn’s mane, blood, and horn became hot commodity in man’s pursuit for immortality. Today, unicorns can be found in modern tales like Harry Potter, television shows like My Little Pony, colourful Lisa Frank-inspired fashion and makeup trends, and must-have food crazes like the Unicorn Frappuccino and bagels.

Divided into four sections: flora and fauna; fashion and beauty; arts and culture; home, food, and entertaining–The Unicorn Handbook is the ultimate compilation and guidebook filled with step-by-step projects and recipes throughout.

Learn how to make your very own unicorn tail loop braid or unicorn dust for that extra sparkle in your life. There are recipes to make a plum cake straight from the world of Alice in Wonderland and tips on how to throw the most unique garden party ever (complete with instructions on how to make unicorn horn table favours and utensils). And there’s also an exclusive interview with Peter S. Beagle, the author of the classic tale The Last Unicorn.

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