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  • How Few Remain

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    Author: Harry Turtledove
    Published by: Ballantine Books


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Product Description

How Few Remain is an epic of the second Civil War, a time of glory and success, of disaster and despair. A generation after the South won the Civil War, America writhed once more in the bloody throes of battle.

Furious over the annexation of key Mexican territory, the United States declared total war against the Confederate States of America. And so, in 1881, the fragile peace was shattered.

But this was a new kind of war, fought on a lawless frontier where the blue and grey battled not only each other, but the Apache, the outlaw, and even the redcoat. Along with France, England entered the fray on the side of the South, launching blockades and invasions from Canada. Out of this tragic struggle emerged figures great and small.

The disgraced Abraham Lincoln criss-crossed the nation championing socialist ideals. Confederate cavalry leader Jeb Stuart sought prevent wholesale slaughter in the Southwest desert, while cocky young Theodore Roosevelt and obdurate George Custer bickered over modern weapons - even as they attempted to drive the British back into western Canada. Thanks to the efforts of journalists like Samuel Clemens, the nation witnessed the clash of human dreams and passions.

Confederate General Stonewall Jackson again soared to the heights of military genius, while the North struggled to find a leader who could prove his equal. For in the second War Between the States, the times, the stakes, and the battle lines had changed… and so would history.

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