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  • United States Of Japan: Book 3: Cyber Shogun Revolution (Signed Art Card Edition)

    • Signed
    Signed by: Peter Tieryas
    Author: Peter Tieryas
    Published by: Ace Books

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Product Description

California, 2020. After a severe injury, ace mecha designer and pilot Reiko Morikawa is recruited to a secret organisation plotting a revolt against the corrupt governor (and Nazi sympathiser) of the United States of Japan.

When their plan to save the USJ from itself goes awry, the mission is only saved from failure because the governor is killed by an assassin known as Bloody Mary. But the assassin isn’t satisfied with just the governor. Bishop Wakana used to be a cop. Now he’s an agent of the Tokko, the secret police.

Following the trail of a Nazi scientist, Bishop discovers a web of weapons smuggling, black market mecha parts - and a mysterious assassin. This killer once hunted Nazis but now seems to be targeting the USJ itself.

As the leaders of the United States of Japan come to realise the devil’s bargain they made in their uneasy alliance with the Nazis, Bishop and Reiko are hot on the trail of Bloody Mary, trying to stop her before it’s too late.

Includes illustrated signed art card.

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  • Paperback
Cat. No.
  • 4814061
  • 9780451491015